Today’s youth are leading environmental change across Canada

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We connect environmental change-makers

The Starfish Canada celebrates young environmental leaders by connecting them with a platform for storytelling and a community of change-makers.


Meet Canada’s youngest environmental leaders

Through our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 program, we celebrate and amplify amazing accomplishments done by Canadian youth in the environmental sector. We build bridges by connecting them to each other and supporting their environmental journey.


We bring people together to discuss environmental solutions

Throughout Canada, we deliver high-quality programming and workshops to schools and communities. With programming tailored for any age group, we discuss how to make complex decisions about environmental matters, how to understand our natural world through Western science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and how to have respectful discussions about the issues facing our planet today.


Take us on your adventure

We love hearing about your environmental journeys. Share your stories with us on Instagram (@thestarfishca) and we’ll share it with our online community.

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