The Starfish Canada
Advisory Board Charter

I. Name

The Committee will be called the Advisory Board.

It is authorized by The Starfish Canada and will serve to guide the operations of environmental education initiatives with The Starfish Canada.

II. Purposes

The Board is created for the purpose of working with The Starfish Canada. The specific purposes of the Board may include the following responsibilities:

  • Providing guidance to The Starfish Executive Committee through communications with the Co-Founders.

    • Guiding programs and initiatives of The Starfish Canada by reviewing internal documents and/or promotional materials and providing commentary.

    • Responding to at least 33% of e-mail correspondence within one term (Note: any amount of correspondence may be replaced with phone conversations or in-person meetings at the leisure of Advisory Board members).

    • Partaking in phone conversations as requested by the Co-Founders (will be kept to a minimum).

  • Promoting programs and initiatives of The Starfish Canada through e-mail and social media outlets.

III. Relationship of Board to Executive Committee

The Advisory Board is expected to offer recommendations for instructional programs and to provide information relevant to policy about the instructional program to the Executive Committee. These recommendations will be reviewed and taken to the Executive Committee, who will decide on if and how recommendations can be implemented. Board members do not hold voting rights within the Executive Committee.

IV. Membership

Composition: The Advisory Board shall consist of at least 10 members.  Members will be selected and appointed by the Executive Committee.  Advisory Board members will constitute a cross-section of the nonprofit and social enterprise community.  Moreover, at least 60 percent of the board membership should be employees in the target jobs or supervisors of such employees. Members of the Advisory Board will have their name and occupation published on The Starfish Canada website.

Term: A term of membership shall last for one year, with one-third of the membership appointed each year. Terms shall not be renewable within 11 months after conclusion of an earlier term. Terms will begin on December 1.

VI. Procedural Rules

Meetings: Meetings will take the form of e-mail updates once per month, sent by one of the Co-Founders. These e-mails will include a variety of information and updates about The Starfish Canada with specific requests of the group. Any necessary conversations will take place on Google drive documents to avoid multiple e-mails.

Dismissal: Members who do not respond to four consecutive e-mails without reasonable cause from three successive meetings will be considered to have resigned their seat.  If needed, the Executive Committee will move to appoint a new person to the Advisory Board.

Public Announcements: While members are expected and encouraged to discuss the instructional program within the community, members shall not publicly report opinions expressed in meetings, nor shall they report independently on committee action.


Additional Roles: Advisory Board members are permitted to engage with our programs as a member of the public (e.g., adjudicating the Top 25 program or submitting a nominee). Board members cannot be on the Executive Committee.


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