Making a difference: Environmental Campaigning Workshops

If you’re going to campaign effectively, you have to be willing to talk to all the players and work out solutions. Otherwise, that’s not campaigning, it’s just complaining.
— Tzeporah Berman, "This Crazy Time: Living our Environmental Challenge"
Photo by Orange Coat Photography |

Photo by Orange Coat Photography |

As a democracy, we've got the ability to rally together to create environmental change, but it can be a pretty daunting thing to do! How do you get public support for an idea? What are the best practices for creating a strategy? And how can you do all of the above while being environmentally conscious?

The Starfish aims to host public workshops that will teach local youth how to make a difference through environmental campaigning. These workshops will include concepts of team dynamics, conflict resolution, lobbying, and others that will help shape the environmental leaders of tomorrow.

Filling the Gap

Schools rarely cover campaigning as a part of their curriculum. Additionally, through my research, I've seen numerous people and parties that do campaign work, but have had no formal training or understand the fundamentals behind campaigning. I hope that providing these workshops allows new campaigners to understand these basics, and veteran campaigners to hone their strategies to create more effective change. 

This work is quite original. Most environmental campaign training is not available to the public, as most is often completed by smaller campaign groups (ForestEthics) that only provide training to their active volunteers. Governmental bodies do not provide this training.

The Details

Photo by Orange Coat Photography |

Photo by Orange Coat Photography |

Our environmental campaigning workshops will be for youth aged 16-25 that are local to the area. Our first workshop will be hosted in Metro Vancouver. Applications will open up on our website and shared via social media.

The workshop ill take place over 2 days in a local, accessible area. An interactive, online workshop guide will be developed and provided to participants ahead of time, allowing youth to have some context for the workshop's contents. Environmental campaigners from the area will be invited to run parts of the workshops and impart their wisdoms onto participants. Copies of some seminal environmental campaigning books will be provided to workshop participants as well.