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Global Citizenship Conference (Hamilton, ON)

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While globalization and mass media conglomerates are subtly influencing our daily thought processes, simultaneously, democratization of the media, facilitated by user generated content and niche communities has also allowed many to opt for more nuanced narratives. Though all of these stories can sometimes disorient, one thing is for certain: we are hungry for real stories, and we crave the empowerment that accompanies pure knowledge.  We get lost, however, in figuring out how to filter through mass information, and all of its connotations and intentions in order to build a true multicultural democracy.
To narrow the focus, this year, McMaster’s Global Citizenship Conference will emphasize marginalized narratives and the power of the untold story. We want to recognize those at the fringes of society, the marginalized populations who interact with the forefront of social justice work. We want open up space in the university for these fringe narratives, alternative stories and traditionally silenced perspectives to inform our daily work and create environments where those with lived experience can influence personal social justice processes.
By bringing together a multitude of perspectives in workshops, panels, lectures, open discussion, storytelling, theatre and art the Global Citizenship Conference hopes to foster a greater sense of understanding and empathy among delegates to influence the ways in which they interact with the world. We hope to inspire delegates from  different backgrounds to create holistic systems change -starting from the individual and radiating outwards.