The Starfish Canada: Instagram Takeovers


We're excited to have you contribute to The Starfish Canada's Instagram account!

Although we only provide access for one group to host a takeover at any given time, many groups from across the nation will contribute over time. To maintain a cohesive and consistent presence on Instagram, please abide by the following posting guidelines.


  • We welcome you to post 10-12 items on our story over the course of a day (24 hours).

  • Shoot vertically. This saves users from having to rotate their phone to watch a story.

  • To start the story, introduce yourself (name, position, and what the event's all about). Mention why you're taking over the account.

  • If it's important for the viewer to have audio on, you can indicate that with the sound on emoji.

  • Feel free to tag other Instagram accounts and use hashtags in these posts, providing they align with the mission and vision of The Starfish Canada (use your best judgement). Be mindful of the colour and placement of any text.

  • Make the end of your story obvious (e.g. write "thanks for watching!").

  • Please save your story and add it to our highlights for future viewings.


  • Feel free to add one post to our Instagram wall that will let users know to watch our story.

If you have any questions about our Instagram channel or your commitment to posting, please contact


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Date of Event *
Date of Event
Name of Person taking over the account (if it's not the signatory above)
Name of Person taking over the account (if it's not the signatory above)