Welcome to The Starfish!

November 1st marks our official launch! Thanks to all those who have supported our journey and we are excited to be able to release our brand new site!

With our launch, we're having a contest! All you have to do is write a meaningful comment on any of our blogs - it's that simple! For each unique comment per post, your name will be entered into a draw to win eco-prizes, including a eco-backpack made from plastic waterbottles!

Rules and details are below. Overall, we hope you enjoy the site!



1. In order to enter a ballot into the contest, a person must write a unique comment on a post.

2. Only one comment per post is permitted. If a person writes more than one comment on a post, only one ballot will be entered.

3. The comment must be longer than 5 words and must have value to its statement, as determined by the judges. Invaluable comments will include derogatory phrases or profanity, as well as comments that are irrelevant to the post and other comments. Any persons demonstrating this will not be allowed to win the prize.

4. Contest closes November 15th at 11:59:00pm. The winner will be selected at random and will be announced via Twitter and Facebook on November 16th.

The Starfish