Make a Difference.


This site has been in the works for a few months now, and I’m extremely proud of the people that were involved and the progress we’ve made in order to launch the site this week. We’ve put a lot of thought into it – after all, we want to show you how to make a difference.


The idea for this site came out of a blogging contest I entered with the United Nations Environment Programme. It asked participants to write about how small things can make big differences for the Earth, and how people can get involved with creating change. Then, I knew some of the answers. Now, I know some more – and one of those is this site.


And with this site, I’m definitely aiming to practice what I preach. The Starfish is run off of a site called Squarespace. Now, I’m not one for shameless product placement, but this site is pretty amazing at keeping it green.


You’ll also notice that the background isn’t white. Why? Because a black screen takes less energy for your computer to generate than a white screen. You’re conserving and you didn’t even know it.


Of course, an eco-blog comes with its own crew of people who do what they can do preserve the natural world. With biologists and environmental scientists on the team, each with their own set of knowledge about our current issues, the site is bound to have something that you’re interested in.


Finally, with our new site, there’s bound to be glitches (if you’re viewing the site on Safari now and it’s looking a little funny, congratulations on seeing our first hiccup!). Please let me know if you see any – it’s hard to know what everyone sees sometimes.  Comments, suggestions, and everything else is always welcome (hence our lovely contest that’s going on currently).


Above everything else - remember that preservation and conservation is crucial. From the smallest creature to the biggest one, everything here’s got a right to this amazing planet. Here, we start the conversations that hopefully instill some deeper thoughts within you and your friends. And we’re happy that we can provide that for you. J