AIDS and Environmentalism: Some Common Ground.

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You might be surprised to see an environmental site blogging about HIV/AIDS. I invite you to look closer at the links between environmentalism and this pandemic, for I think you’ll find some common ground.

Like any issue that we discuss here on The Starfish, HIV/AIDS presents a complicated situation. Environmental degradation, to many, won’t stop many from going on with their everyday lives. Despite the knowledge we have, some still choose to pollute by driving to work when they could walk, or by littering when there’s a garbage can nearby. Unfortunately, AIDS works the same way for some; mothers who are sex workers in areas with high HIV/AIDS prevalence often have to choose between food and condoms. What do you think wins?

Environmentalism is a pandemic. Although it seems a bit extreme, we are facing a time where we have caused harm to our Earth and aren’t quite sure where to turn. Of course, this is just like AIDS, in the sense that we don’t know how to cure it. We are making breakthroughs and advancements, getting one step closer to the solution – but we aren’t there (yet).

AIDS and environmentalism also require advocacy. Outreach. Awareness. These issues simply won’t go away by not talking about them. This is what this blog aims to do - to start the conversations necessary in order to make a difference. So be sure to talk to a friend or two today about environmentalism and HIV/AIDS.

I write this with caution, as these two issues are originally rather different in scope. I do not attempt to put them on equal ground, or to put one above the other; rather, I hope to show that these issues that we face in modern society have common themes, so that we can begin to think about solutions for a peaceful world.


Today is World AIDS Day. McMaster Students are invited to join the festivities in the Ewart Angus Foyer in the Health Science Building Lobby, from 12-4pm.