Green Gifting.

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It’s that joyous time of year again! However, with so many products being bought, food being consumed and energy being used, it’s evident that there are some environmental impacts of the holiday season. No need to fear – there are some simple ways you can make a difference, yet have a festive holiday season.


Alternate Gift Wrapping

Buying big rolls of bright flashy paper that exists only to be ripped and thrown away can not only hurt the environment, but can also damage your wallet.  Wrapping gifts in paper you already have around the house is an easy and fun alternative to expensive non-recyclable wrapping paper.  Newspaper comics or magazine paper are some materials that are easily accessible and are an easy way to personalize a gift!


Alternative Gift Garnishes

Typical gift bows are a quick and easy way to spruce up a special gift – but when you think about it, gift bows are typically made of non-recyclable materials, and no matter how many times they are reused, the bows will still end up in the garbage.  An easy and natural alternative to gift bows is to use evergreen twigs, or other ornamental vegetation found in your neighbourhood.  Not only will your gift receiver welcome this interesting gift garnish, it could also make the gift smell great too!


Homemade Gifts

Never know what to get that person on your list that has everything?  Sometimes a homemade gift is a good way to resist commercialism, while showing you care by putting effort into your gift.  If you have a knack for knitting or sewing, you could create unique hats, mitts, socks, or scarves for all your friends. Some other ideas include making personalized calendars, using your woodworking talents to sculpt something special, making a quilt from old t-shirts, baking holiday treats using local foods, or painting a meaningful picture.  Use any talents you have to show that special person how much you care this holiday season. 

Taking simple small actions to be greener this holiday season is easier than it seems.  All it takes is a creative mind and some drive to make a difference.