Is it in your wardrobe?

Photo by Darwin Bell |

Avatar was a spectacular movie, not only because it had superb design but because it made you feel sorry for the earth, right?  It made you cry because the Tree of Souls was going to be destroyed.   It made you want to start reading up on potent environmental issues, turning off unneeded lights, and taking shorter showers.

It doesn’t shock me that there is a fantasy animation about evil humans cutting down sacred trees for big bucks.  But, it’s the fantasy part that worries me.  We seem to be so blind and easily manipulated because we fail to understand the real issues at hand. 

Why is it that it takes a box-office success story to help us see the force that our footprints have upon the planet? Why is the human mind not able to connect as well by observing our daily activities? There could be a million answers to this question, but the bottom line is that it does matter…….its never a bad thing to make a change for the good but we have to understand and appreciate why we are doing it. 

It is not helping our cause if we just keep jumping from fad to fad.  Environmentalism is not a fashion statement and it’s ridiculous that we are trying to fit it into our wardrobes.  For example, it is not the purchasing of “green products” that makes you an active participant in building a sustainable earth. 

It’s the daily, weekly, yearly changes that you make in your life.  It is the ability to stand up against things you don’t believe and refusing to be a part of it.   The sooner we realize that we’re pawns to this environmental fan-club, the better.  But I guess it just takes us longer to realize the obvious. I mean how is it that we understand quantum physics, but we still drive cars that emit huge amounts of pollution?

We need to be more careful. Just as I don’t think it’s ethical to cut down acres of old-growth forests to cash in on a gold mine, it’s just as unfair to litter on the way to school.  My advice: Be smart. Think. And always remember that what you do affects everyone around you…….and in turn what everyone around you does, affects you.  There is an interconnectedness about the earth.   

So, I won’t jump on this enviro-fan-club wagon.  I would rather make changes in my life that other people can’t see immediately rather than buying a T-shirt that says “Be Cool, Be Green.”   And if there’s anything to be learned from Avatar, we should probably go for a bike ride instead.