Love the way you green

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As we approach the month of cupid, there are many opportunities to embark on a date with the one you love.  The greatest part about this is that you and your mate can mix it up a little—eco-style! Try out some of these fun, earth-friendly date ideas.  There is always a way to warm up your hearts without warming up the planet. 

1) Have a zero carbon footprint dinner

Recently, more and more restaurants/grocery stores are beginning to understand the value of going green.  Check out your neighbourhood restaurant listings for those who offer menus with locally-grown foods, green energy preparation, or organic drinks.  Not only is this an earth-friendly date, I guarantee the food will be absolutely delicious!

Unlike myself, if you are a fabulous cook, why not try mixing up some new flavours and spices –fair trade style.

2) Have a couples game night in

What is better than eating?  Well, nothing, but a game night sure comes close.  Why not explore your creative side by planning out a night filled with new, exciting games?  You can take a chance at your own version of ‘Family Feud’- couples against couples, trivia, Taboo, or Charades.  Serve fair-trade snacks and coffee/tea, and you’re set!    

3) Take a Green Class

Learning together is a wonderful way to get endorphins flowing. Check out your community center, community college or local shops to locate classes on sustainable cooking, paper-making, or the benefits of organic foods.  On top of spending a lovely, educational afternoon together, you both can learn how to best apply new knowledge into your lives.  Learning to cook the greens using green energy will open the doors to a list of endless beneficial decisions!

4) Botanical garden adventure

Take the afternoon to enjoy some nature (and nurture) by visiting the Botanical gardens in your area.  There are so many of them available for your enjoyment.  For example The Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, ON, offers an array of eco-excitement! You can escape into paradise by exploring exquisite plants, flowers, waterfalls, and trails.  You can even participate in the Veggie pledge!    

5) Walk for a cause

It’s always a great idea to help out around your neighbourhood, especially during the winter time.  You and your mate can find out if there is anyone on the block that needs their dogs walked.  Offer to help them out!  You both will make a great day out of it, and help out some people (and pets) along the way.  I believe that pets help two people connect in ways that are unimaginable.  Walking around and enjoying nature shouldn’t be taken for granted.  The moments we have with each other are priceless and should be cherished. 


So there it is: A list of some eco-friendly dates that you and your loved-one can partake in.  Check them out or plan out your own eco-date.  But whatever you decide to do, make sure that you respect yourself, your mate, and the wonderful Mother Earth that we all call ‘home’.