One week is all it takes.

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We’ve all heard that we need to reduce our impacts on our planet. We need to turn off lights, buy less, and make a movement into a more eco-conscious lifestyle. The challenge is figuring out a way to transition into this routine, and the No Impact Experiment gives us just that.

The No Impact Project, which started through Colin Beavan’s blog, No Impact Man, has exploded within environmentalist communities. The project shows its participants that dedicating one week to the cause can really change your perceptions about moving to eco-friendly routines. The project isn’t entirely novel in scope, but it sure is effective in proving that green changes can be efficient as well.

The experiment can be done on a variety of scales and require participants to think critically about what they do in their everyday lives that contributes to environmental degradation. Do you buy local foods? Do you drive everywhere, or do you use your bike/carpool? How much unnecessary purchasing do you partake in? All these questions are essential to ask while looking through the seven themed days within the week;


SUNDAY – Consumption. Can you buy nothing today? Can you borrow it or build it yourself?

MONDAY – Trash. Do you get your foods items in boxes or unrecyclable packaging? Can you buy them from the bulk aisle instead?

TUESDAY – Transportation. Can you bike instead of driving? Can you carpool?

WEDNESDAY – Food. Do you eat too much meat? Can you buy locally? Organically?

THURSDAY – Energy. Can you turn down the AC/Furnace? Are your lightbulbs efficient?

FRIDAY – Water. How long are those showers? How do you wash your dishes?

SATURDAY – Giving back. Where can you volunteer in your community? Can you contribute by planting trees or flowers, or assist in a community garden?

SUNDAY – Eco-Sabbath. Don’t spend anything today, or use any resources. Go for a bike ride, and take the time to appreciate nature.


The experience has proven to be highly rewarding for those who have tried it, and we believe you should try it too! There are lots of resources to help you, including the How-To Guide, Tips for Change, and some cool iPhone apps! Also, be sure to check out Aran Seaman’s experience with the No Impact Experiment to see if it’s something you could do too.