The Devil Wears Organic Denim Too?

Photo by buck82 |

Let’s play a quick game of word-association. Starfish - an aquatic creature, online eco-blog, something you don’t want stuck on your face, and eco-fashion. Wait... what? While some of you may have never thought about the threat of a facial starfish attack, you most likely have never heard about the fashion company out of New Zealand known as Starfish (great name, if you ask us).

Started in 1993 by New Zealand designer Laurie Foon, Starfish aims to provide sustainable fashion with “enduring style and everyday splendour.” Starfish is very proud of its New Zealand origin and actively expresses its country’s culture through its clothes. Specializing in women’s clothing, Starfish offers a variety of garments ranging from underwear to pants, tops and outerwear.

After working in the fashion industry in Europe, Laurie Foon became tired of its fashion atmosphere and desired to create a company that was more concerned with the world and its people. Since Foon opened a store in Wellington in 1991 and subsequently created Starfish, her company has expanded into 3 stores and online retailing. In 2007, Starfish became the first fashion company to win the New Zealand Sustainable Business Award.

Starfish’s dynamic and layered approach to ecological considerations and sustainability begins with their design. Their apparel is created to be fashionable and durable over time in a variety of environments and settings. This way the clothes will last, preventing the wastefulness that can come with keeping up to date with fashion trends. One less shirt that becomes out of style or that gets a hole under the armpit means one less consumption of all the resources needed for production and sale.

In its production, Starfish chooses renewable fabrics (such as organic denim or hemp) and/or domestic fabrics where possible. Additionally it aims to increase the content of these fabrics in each new collection the company releases. Starfish also does creative eco-additions to its clothes by using elements such as recycled buttons, environmentally friendly printing and denim washes. Foon’s company actively researches new solutions for sustainability by looking into the latest products and services available in the fashion industry. 

Through the use of eco-friendly paper bags, Starfish aims to reduce and recycle all of its packaging. The company also reduces wastefulness through the use of efficient manufacturing, distributions and power suppliers. In all of its work, Starfish attempts to recycle wherever possible and to collaborate with other businesses that share similar sustainable values.

By looking at the effects it has on the environment in each stage of clothing production, Starfish reduces its ecological footprint from start to finish. The special considerations Starfish takes towards sustainability is truly an exemplary approach in the fashion industry. Not only has Starfish been receiving admiration for their eco-friendly attitude, they have also been getting high praise for their recent Free Radicals Summer 10/11 collection and work at New Zealand Fashion Week’s Autumn/Winter 2011 season launch.

If you’re looking for something fashionable, down to earth (literally), or something with New Zealand flavour then make sure you check out their website.