Photo from Andrew Chong.

It all began for Andrew Chong while being engaged as a member of “St. Andrew’s College Environmentalists” in high school.

This is when he began to seriously get involved with food initiatives and coordinating environmental initiatives around the school.  His inspirations have played a pivotal role in his achievements, as he is enthused by his mother’s farming history and the diverse “artist canvas” of beautiful flowers and plants of nature.

Once embedded within the McMaster community, Chong played a direct leadership role in directing McMaster Farmstand in its inaugural year.  His dedication, diligence, and passion for the cause have been vital in its success and growth.  In fact, it has grown to include several new farms, a new executive team, and a partnership with Rural Routes to have buses transport students to nearby farms so that they can engage in first-hand experience with local farming initiatives.   

Recently, Chong has participated in the “community gardening project” where he has a goal to gauge interest from the McMaster student body of whether a garden project should be run at Westdale Aviary. 

Furthermore, Chong has co-founded OPIRG’s “Food for Life” where he has launched organic cooking events at St. Paul’s Church.  He is also a member of “MacEarth”, a committee aimed at making McMaster University residences more environmentally friendly.

Chong’s passion for the environment even extends into academia, as he is a volunteer in a toxicology lab where he learns about waste water chemicals and how they affect aquatic life within the Hamilton Harbour region.

His passion for local environmental issues and this dedication to making a difference are amongst the reasons why Chong has been selected for this Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 award.