Photo from Aliya Dossa.

Aliya Dossa has contributed to several environmental initiatives over the past years, educating her about our green planet and how to educate others on eco-initiatives.

For example, she is the co-founder of “Youth 4 Tap”, spending hours raising awareness about the benefits of tap water in comparison to bottled water.  This past spring, Dossa gained valuable experience by planning and facilitating a “Youth 4 Tap leadership Clinic” for thirty students in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve watershed.

“Project Hunger”, where Dossa and her colleagues discovered unnecessary food waste and showcased as a campaign for hunger awareness was a new initiative that emerged out of a project for “Youth 4 Tap”.  This situation displays her versatility and ability to think forward.     

Dossa is very well-rounded; not only does she collaborate with a Vancouver-based religious group, undertaking community initiatives (planting trees, painting over graffiti to redecorate local communities), she also blogs for the Youthink editorial board for Youthink Magazine.

Dossa has a very positive, mature perspective on life. “Sometimes, youth like to explore what can be achieved and they sometimes don’t think about boundaries,” Dossa said. “They think about all of the possibilities, and when they face the limitations and the boundaries later, they can build bridges then. That’s when youth really shine.”    

She is a remarkable young leader who is taking huge strides toward making a difference in her community, local and abroad. With her confidence and generosity, she is sure to go far in life.

Dossa was recently selected to speak at TEDxKidsBC on the topic of how sustainability begins with a sustainable mindset. Just don’t forget to mention us when you’re on the stage! (We’re kidding… well, kind of).