Photo from Michiah Prull.

Have you worked on Obama’s Presidential Campaign? If not, meet someone who has – Michiah Prull.

In 2008, Prull managed a field office in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the presidential candidate. He was trained in communications strategy, and it resulted in the highest margin of victory for the Democrats for that area in over 25 years.

What does this have to do with environmentalism, do you ask? “Impacting who becomes the president of the United States arguably could have an enormous impact on the entire world, including environmental policy,” said Prull.

It’s also fair to say that Prull’s interest in the environment started earlier than that. As world traveler and the University Development Coordinator for Developing World Connections, he’s been to Swaziland (twice), Peru, Haiti, Nepal, and Kenya, working on projects that include sustainable rainforest projects and community centre building.

Currently, Prull works with the David Suzuki Foundation, managing a community leaders program to empower supporters to work on local projects. His supervisor, Aryne Sheppard, notes that his natural ability to think, strategize, and assemble an environmental initiative is impressive and inspirational to her. “Most people have a preconceived notion of what an environmentalist looks like, but he could easily put on a corporate board with his high degree of communication and professionalism.”

Prull’s got a great interest in bringing different groups to the table – a key element in environmental management.  “I see myself looking to really help define a new type of environmental movement. People our age... they resonate with sustainability issues, but they don’t identify with a lot of the traditional language and approaches that have been used. I’m really interested in finding ways – cooperative ways, positive ways – to bring very unlikely groups of people into the movement.”