TOP 25 ENVIRONMENTALISTS UNDER 25 - #8. Patrick Leslie

Photo from Patrick Leslie.

Patrick Leslie, an Engineering and Economics graduate from Queen’s University, has become the founder and CEO of his company, Envirolytics. Leslie has gone above and beyond to ensure that efficient energy usage is a priority to homeowners in Canada.

His environmental journey began in 2009 when he was selected as the Co-Founder and Sales Engineering Manager of the Queen’s Solar Design Team (QSDT). This was a student team, which designed net-zero homes for the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition. Leslie acted as a crossover between the engineering and business teams and attained sponsorships in sums of $100,000 from the Dean of Engineering at Queen’s University to help start the project. After this, QSDT ran educational initiatives on home energy efficiency to high schools and also ran recruitment initiatives to gain membership from over 100 students. 

From this experience, Leslie initiated his company in 2011, which he is currently the Founder and CEO of. Leslie designed and developed smartphone technology that puts the capabilities of professionally administered home energy audits in the hands of the average consumer. He pitched the idea at many student-business competitions and was successful at the P.E.L.A. and Q.S.B. Business Plan Competition this year in Kingston, Ontario, and was awarded a $150,000 business loan to start off the company. Since then, Leslie has recruited and hired programmers, engineers, business students, and graphic designers to join his team. Earlier this year, Leslie and Envirolytics participated in the IBM SmartCamp that took place in New York City. Envirolytics was one of the top five finalists internationally and won the viewer’s choice award with their YouTube video.

In the future, Leslie wants to pursue his goals of working in the environmental realm with his company Envirolytics. He is striving to use their market forces to broaden their choices and alliances with companies such as Scotia Bank. As stated by Leslie, “I love the fact that you can simplify such a complex idea into a manageable one that’s easy for everyone to understand.” Expect to see more from Envirolytics in the near future!