David Lawless has shown incredible creativity, leadership, and innovation with various environmental projects.  From winning two national awards for raising awareness about Canada’s Boreal Forest and Newfoundland’s Gros Morne National Park, Lawless has a strong desire to educate the world about environmental issues through creative and entertaining means. 

Lawless participates in Georgian Bay conferences, where he talks to community members about a variety of fascinating environmental topics.  His role in “Go Green conferences” at the University of Guelph allowed him to play a direct roles in steering education towards French-speaking students.

Lawless is no stranger to environmental excellence. He has started a food co-op to support a local food shelter, titled as a finalist for the “Top 20 Under 20 Youth in Motion”, worked as an ecosystem technician, and gained much experience as a stewardship ranger.  However, his most impressive ability is to stand up for his beliefs and principles – his capability to stand up for the environment­ makes him a strong, goal-oriented leader.

At 21 years of age, Lawless has already inspired his community, country, and the world to undertake environmental initiatives for a healthier planet. Through his work at the United Nations (supporting climate justice and water conservation), global environmental summits, and unwavering work in national parks, Lawless has already made solid changes that will certainly continue in the future.

Lawless hopes to continue professionally within the environmental field, hoping to pursue a Masters degree and work in a developing country.