TOP 25 ENVIRONMENTALISTS UNDER 25 - #3. Alexandria Mitchell

Photo from Alexandria Mitchell.

At the very young age of 15, Alexandria Mitchell was making a positive environmental impact in her community.

A school science project led her to present a proposal to install recycling programs in schools to the city officials of Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Patricia Ross, a city counsellor, remembers the event well. “Her research was so thorough, her arguments so articulate and convincing, that [the counsellors] couldn’t say no!”

Her passion, commitment, and enthusiasm for environmental issues continue to shine when she assisted the city in preventing garbage incinerators from being built in a nearby town. Before even taking the job, Mitchell decided to do the research and making her own, informed decision, showing her commitment to knowing all the facts.

As an international relations major (and commerce minor) from the University of British Columbia, she’s recognizes the need for environmentalism and politics to be intertwined. She sees the need to change the decision-makers, and not to leave the environment out of the political equation.

Her work within sustainability and energy development has been widely noticed amongst her peers and colleagues. On top of her degree requirements, she has also held positions as the Communications Manager for the International Student Energy Summit, on the Fraser Basin Council’s Youth Committee (and represented them at events like the Cohen Commission), and a Volunteer Coordinator for the Fraser Valley Conservancy. She’s even sat on a Board of Directors for the Abbotsford Youth Commission.

Mitchell sees herself going into politics, as she feels it is the best way to make an environmental change. She believes our national climate action plan is essentially non-existent, and strives to change that.