TOP 25 ENVIRONMENTALISTS UNDER 25 - #22. Mandy McDougall

Photo from Mandy McDougall.

Mandy McDougall’s environmental contributions to her surroundings have stemmed from her long-time interest and dedication to science.

With her education in biology and environmental sciences, McDougall has gained much knowledge within the field of watershed ecodydrology, geochemistry, soil science, and climate change impacts.  In combination with her studies at McMaster University, she has experience as a research assistant at the Center for Spatial Analysis where she has gained knowledge about GIS systems, spatial statistics, and spatial analysis.  

Her passion for the environment extends beyond academia and into her personal life, where she has been the compass for her friends, leading them on a path toward environmental consciousness. She is an avid hiker, and camper, and often spends weekends on the nature trails. 

Furthermore, McDougall participates actively in biodiversity and conservation dialogue by contributing articles for our favourite blog, The Starfish. Through these postings, we’re happy to say she is able to stimulate thought-provoking conversations in order to promote environmental awareness. 

As a member of MACgreen, she attended weekly meetings to plan events relevant to environmental sustainability. This experience has really helped to guide her passion for environmentalism and translate it into meaningful contributions to her surroundings.

McDougall hopes to make a difference within the realm of conservationism by studying to become an environmental lawyer. After learning about the ecological issues surrounding our world today in scientific and social contexts, she knew that entering the world of law could really make a difference. She hopes to combine her unique appreciation for our earth with her drive and determination in order to help protect the environment for future generations.