Photo from Kale Black.

In order to achieve ambitious goals, I believe passion and dedication are two of the necessary tools. I also believe Kale Black has a bounty of both these qualities.

This 23-year old shows this off as the Youth Program Coordinator for Burlington Green, a non-profit group dedicated to making Burlington, Ontario a greener place to live.

With this role, Black has the ability to work with elementary and high school students to create programs that will engage them with their eco-community. With this, he has created many impactful programs, including an anti-idling campaign, climate change rallies, and youth environmental conferences (which have had over 700 attendees!).

Black has also worked with the city to create the Burlington Transit Youth Ambassador program, which has successfully created a network for students to get out of cars and into public transit.

He has also led a team of volunteers at Burlington’s Sound of Music festival, sorting waste into recycling and green compost bins. With this, his group was able to divert about 80% of recyclable products from the waste bin. That’s impressive.

And instead of traditional birthday parties, Black makes his friends and family volunteer for a environmentally friendly initiative. Planting willows and cattails are amongst his favourites.

I think Amy Schnurr, Burlington Green’s Program Director, best explains Kale’s impact on the community. “Our Earth needs more Youth like Kale Black who continually and passionately demonstrate a dedicated commitment to help the planet locally, both in how he lives and makes choices and how he inspires other Youth as a local eco-leader.”

Photo from Kale Black.


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