TOP 25 ENVIRONMENTALISTS UNDER 25 - #20. Suzanne Perdeaux

Photo from Suzanne Perdeaux.

With her impressive background on ecological concepts and strong ability to think outside the box on conservation issues, Suzanne Perdeaux has outstanding potential to excel within the field of wildlife ecology. 

Within her eclectic composite of global research, she has researched plant diversity in Hawaii, glacial boundary changes in Alaska, and captive breeding of Panda Bears in China.

While working for Natural Resources Canada, she engaged in the ‘Communities’ group of the Office of Energy Efficiency where she was able to learn more about new technologies in alternative energies.  She was also a part of their “Green Team”, which was a volunteer group that designed campaign posters and events to encourage co-workers to reduce their environmental impact while in the workplace.   

Although the globe has a left her with a permanent imprint of inspiration, Perdeaux is always looking to get more involved with her local community.  Participating with the Region of York, she has planted 30-40 trees in East Gwilliambury. She says that “it feels really good to give back!”

In addition, Perdeaux is also a researcher and event volunteer for the York Region Environmental Alliance Organization, where she has gained experience conducting online research on sustainable living and helping to plan community events such as the Windfall Ecology Festival.  

In the near future, Suzanne hopes to complete her Masters degree and teach for “Wildlands Studies”, a program run by California State University.  With her upbeat personality, and dedication to ecological sciences, we have no doubt that her ‘wildest’ dreams will come true!