Photo from Holly Stover.

Holly Stover’s undergraduate science degree at the University of Western Ontario revolved around the environment. In working toward a specialization in environmental science, Stover took courses in resource management, ecosystem ecology interpretation of biological data, among others.

In 2008, she developed a rehabilitation plan for the mudpuppy mussel in the Upper Thames River watershed, for which she received high praise from her supervisors. For her fourth-year thesis project in 2009-2010, Stover studied fungal communities in tall grass prairies at Walpole Island First Nation. During the summer prior, she had worked on the project through an NSERC grant. Following completion of her thesis, she was hired as a student researcher to complete the work. She is working toward getting her findings published.

While completing her undergrad, Stover served as coordinator of EnviroWestern, of which she was a part from her second to final years at Western. With the group, she worked on local reforestation, an anti-plastic water bottle campaign, an on-campus community garden, an Earth Day celebration and many other projects designed to raise environmental awareness.

Her resume also features work or involvement with groups that include Field Botanists of Ontario, Imperial Oil Limited, the Sierra Youth Coalition, Rainforest London, Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park and Thames Talbot Land Trust.

A dedicated vegetarian, Stover now lives in the EcoHouse at the University of Alberta. The three-person residence is made of recycled materials and has an earth-tube heating system, solar water heating, solar panels, low-flow water features and an organic vegetable garden. The sustainable home, she says, has become part of her “personal sustainability journey.”

Stover is currently conducting research on national parks. In the future, she hopes to be active in ecological restoration and the protection of natural habitats. She is considering a PhD in a related field, and eventually moving into a career of teaching and research.