7 Billion Hungry Mouths

Photo by Christine ™ | flickr.com

With an ever-growing number of mouths to feed, the issue about how to feed everyone is becoming a major concern. It is not a new fact that our current strategies of consumption are less than sustainable – in fact, every cow in the United States requires 5 acres of land for grazing (which could sustain 5 vegans for a year!). As a result, scientists are beginning to look at different solutions to our problem, exploring everything from new technology to old farming practices.

In terms of new technology, Genetically Modified (GM) food will be a large part of sustaining food requirements. GMs can be grown quickly and in harsh climates. This will allow people from all over the world to eat food previously unavailable in their area.

Old farming practices, however, should not be discarded. Rotation of crops will be vital, to ensure that land remains fertile for the future. Also, education of such topics to undeveloped countries will help promote local food growth, providing more food to the people who need it.

The biggest thing, though, which needs to change in our practices is our lifestyle. In order to support 7 billion people, we need to stop wasting food. How many times have you gone to the grocery store to stock up on food, only to throw half of it away within the next two weeks? We need to start being more conscientious of what we buy, and start managing our precious resources better.

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