Oh you fancy huh?

Photo by JKoing | flickr.com

The request to use green energy and practice sustainable lifestyle choices: we’ve all heard the theories and the facts that support them.  We’ve all seen what’s out there but how do we take the first step to developing eco-skills?  Why don’t we break the ice with some hot, earth-friendly gadgets?!

1)      Baby got back……pack!

The Voltaic solar back-pack is an off-grid solar powered backpack that generates 4 watts of power to charge any of your hand-held electronics.  The solar pocket can even be removed and attached to other bags! It can also store electricity for cloudy/rainy days!  How cool is that? The solar panels on the inside of the backpack will even offer protection for 1500 cubic inches of space, your laptop, phone, and anything else you want to throw in there.  It’s definitely a splash of eco-friendly versatility…………right on your back!  Check it out: http://www.voltaicsystems.com/offgrid.shtml    

2)      Take my air away!

Air power has been around for years but we are just beginning to harness its value to power vehicles.  This is probably because of the safety implications that come alongside compressing air.  But with new materials and alloys, it has become safer to compress air to the values required for adequate speed (which can be up to 300 times standard atmospheric pressure!).  Check out the variety of air-fuelled mopeds that are currently on the market.  Leave the car behind and run your errands with low-impact style!   

3)      Ain’t no river wide enough!

Check out the Aperture shower head!  It promises to combat our high water usage by allowing us to control water usage.  It displays the exact amount on a screen and a flow regulator allows us to reduce consumption on a “per minute” basis.  The internal micro hydroelectric generator shuts down the consumption meter once water stops flowing (which conserves energy when you are not showering).  At the end of the product's life, the simple construction makes disassembly easy so that all the individual pieces can be recycled.

4)      Flower‘pods’ never bend with the rainfall

How about adding a nice touch to your home while reducing your carbon footprint?  Check out the Flowerpod!  The Danish designed Flowerpod hooks up to an information portal to provide you with a graphical representation of your energy usage.  The information portal (which provides usage of electricity, heating, cooling, and hydro) is accessed through your home computer.  The smart flower even gives you tips and tricks to help reduce your consumption. It’s even designed in such a way that if you’re using too much energy it will begin to wilt.  So why not reduce your consumption and help the flower stay beautiful?

A Hummer with low-emissions and recycled parts is still a Hummer.  So sometimes just changing the materials that a product is made of is not enough to reduce our ecological footprints.  We must make a serious effort to reduce how much we consume….and what we consume.  These gadgets can help encourage long-awaited behavioural changes.  After all, changing your behaviour is probably the secret to conserving our planet.  And on top of paving the path to a more sustainable future, you can also look fabulous (and fancy) along the way!