The turbine's dirty little secret.

Photo by David Purser |

Ever wonder what rural Ontario’s fastest growing cash crop is (after the good old cannabis, of course)?

Wind turbines. 

Recently, the Liberals have insisted that it’s all about green, clean energy.  They remain persistent in the suggestion that Ontario should invest in sustainable options such as the harvesting of wind power.  But how green are these wind turbines? More specifically, are these spinning blades really that solution that we have been waiting for? Or, is there a dirty little secret hiding behind an eco-friendly façade.  Well, according to British researchers, the story of these wind farms is all but clean.

Because of the use of wind energy, there is toxic brew boiling across China. How could a toxic lake be the result of wind farming? It’s quite a simple answer.  Getting these turbines to function requires rare magnetic earth metals. These minerals are scattered in various locations, thus huge mining expeditions are required to extract them. In fact, the extraction process has an “appalling environmental impact that raises serious questions about the credibility of this ‘green’ technology”.  The tailing lakes (that remain after the extraction) has killed farmland for hundreds of miles and put the nearby waterways in serious trouble.

At first it’s just a hole in the ground. Then during the summer months, it dries up and forms a thick sludge, resulting in the withering of beautiful, lush plants and the death of livestock and people.

Unfortunately, it seemed so wonderful on the outside, but when you ‘dig’ into it further, all you find is dirt. I sincerely doubt that wind energy is the way to go. It’s quite sad, actually. I thought there was some potential.

This only means another up-hill climb to finding another solution. This time let’s think before we act. Let’s think about our ‘major green movements’ before we jump on the band-wagon and cheer for sustainable alternative forms of energy.