Inspector Gadget Meets Environmental Sustainability

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Well folks, it’s here. The MAM time of year (That is to say, the March-April-May birthday explosion). While that means a lot of birthday cakes, party hats and invitations, it also means the potential to have to buy a lot of gifts. In honour of any of the upcoming milestone-age anniversaries you may celebrate, The Starfish has a top 10 list (in no particular order) of eco-gadgets you can look into for your family, friends, coworkers and paper boy. Here's the first five - come back Wednesday for the second half of the list!

The Dyson Air Multiplier. It’s a fan without blades. Using energy efficient technology without dangerous and bulky fan blades, the Dyson Air Multiplier amplifies the incoming air 15 to 18 times (depending on the model). The amplification is primarily achieved through ring shaped aperture and is then directed by an airfoil. This fan is great for around the house because it causes a constant steady stream of air and without blades it’s easy to clean and safe!

Check out the Dyson Air Multiplier online at:

The USBCell. Getting tired of rechargeable batteries because of that bulky charger? Well the USBCell solves your problems because this NiMH double AA battery is chargeable in USB ports. Simply plug it into any USB port available and let it charge. USBCell is also coming out with triple AAA and 9 volt batteries with long term hopes of cell phone applications as well. The best part is using USBCell rechargeable batteries can save up to 7 kg of CO2 emissions a year! 

Check out the USBCell Double AA Battery online at:

The EcoTap. A lot of people are familiar with the dangers of leaving electronics plugged in around the house. The small amounts of electricity that chargers, powerbars and external lights on products can really add up to be a lot of wasted power. However, unplugging appliances can sometimes be a nuisance for people. Then came the EcoTap. It’s a connector that joins your appliance to the outlet. The advantage is that instead of turning off your powerbar or unplugging the cord, you can just twist the EcoTap to cut off the power. It’s like a tap for your electricity (hence the name). It’s an innovative design submitted by Osamu Kadono of Japan at the 2008 Greener Gadgets Design Competition. It will hopefully be out on the market in the near future.

Check out more about the EcoTap online at:

The Freeloader Classic. Eco charging on the go is here and it’s solar powered. The Freeloader Classic from Solar Technology International is an aluminum covered charger for electronics such as iPods, PSPs and PDAs that is powered by solar panels. The charger comes with 9 connectors to hook up to your favourite gadgets and can power an iPad for up to 2 hours! The best part is it only takes 8 hours in the sun or 3 hours hooked up to a USB port to be fully charged.

For more information on the Freeloader Classic check out:

The Eco-Friendly Water Powered Clock. No batteries, no plugs, it runs on (as the Waterboy might say) some quality H2O. Bedol water clocks use natural tap water to power their display for 12 to 14 weeks. After that, all you need to do is change the water and it keeps on ticking (figuratively of course, it’s a digital clock). The best part is that it’s sustainable energy and you don’t have to reset the clock when changing the water because it has a built in memory chip!

For more information on Bedol Water Clocks check out:


Check back Wednesday for some more cool eco-gadgets!