Eco Gadgets: Part Two

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Here are some more eco-AWESOME gift ideas for those upcoming birthdays in the next few months!

The Babyliss Eco Hair Dryer. So most hair dryers are 2000W. This model by Babyliss uses half that energy. And yes has exactly the same performance as a regular hair dryer. The model is also lightweight at only 0.35kg and comes with 2 heat/speed settings. To put it in perspective how much the Babyliss Eco Hair Dryer saves in terms of energy, they ran a few independent laboratory tests. Turns out, using this hair dryer for 10 minutes in comparison to a standard 2000W dryer saves enough energy to make 11 slices of toast!

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The Energy Detective (TED). TED is the sleuth that you need in your house to understand your power consumption. Its sensor clamps onto your circuit breaker’s incoming power cable and sends information to a remote display. The display shows an accurate measure of your energy usage in real time. This feature combined with your remote display allows you to see the immediate effects of energy users in your house. Want to know how much power the TV is using or that antique lamp that Aunt Thelma gave you? TED is on the case. The best part is it can be synced up with a computer program called TED Footprints that will help you save power by creating graphs, charts and trends of your energy usage!

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The Solar Breeze Pool Skimmer. It’s a robotic automatic pool skimmer that cleans debris from your pool! Solar Breeze will work all day clearing away unwanted materials from your pool and into the night with its rechargeable batteries. With its solar panels, Solar Breezes typically saves customers 1/3 to 1/2 of their electricity bills by not having to use their filtration systems and electric pool skimmers. Many owners pay for their Solar Breeze in savings in less than a year of usage! The best part is on average a Solar Breeze annually saves the CO2 emissions equivalent to operating an SUV for an entire year!

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The Nokia Evolve. It’s an eco-friendly cell phone with all the same benefits as a standard cell phone these days. The difference is it’s made with bio-covers created from 50% renewable materials, it’s packaging uses 60% recycled materials and it’s charger is built to minimize no load energy consumption when left plugged into the socket. The best part is it still comes with all the bells and whistles like a camera, Bluetooth, MP3 player and FM radio.

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The AirQua Sano Atmospheric Water Harvesters. Yep, they did it. Water from the air. These harvesters take water from the atmosphere and condense into pure, clean drinking water. It’s an eco-friendly and safe solution because it prevents the need for chemical treatment, plastic transport bottles, piping, reservoirs and all the other ways people use to get their water. AirQua Harvesters use Purez UltraFiltration systems to produce this water and the harvesters come in a variety of different models. The best part about the harvesters is that in addition to their environmental benefits they are also being used to bring water to people who could never access it before.

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