Don't forget the simple pleasures: Walk into spring!

Photo by Rrrodrigo |

With the temperatures getting warmer, I think we all have to take a bite of simplicity and go for a walk. I’m serious! After taking a long walk over the weekend, I realized just how much one can relax, enjoy, and simply learn from their surroundings. From the smell of grass and jasmine growing in parks to neighbours barbequing, to the sun on my face, my winter blues started to slip away and I felt much happier and calmed. 

There are so many health benefits to the outdoors as well, and it will certainly make you appreciate the simple things. It also allowed me to organize my thoughts, plan out my day, and most importantly, de-stress. I could not believe that I forgot (over the winter) how much I loved hiking and the trails Hamilton has to offer! I had limited myself to travelling everywhere by car or bus.

Both the Greater Hamilton Area and the Greater Toronto Area offer some amazing walking environments. The Bruce trail, Cootes Paradise, Bay Area Waterfront, Confederation Park and the Beachfront are just some of the trails Hamilton has to offer. Toronto has some trails which may be a little more difficult for some, but there are many parks and interesting areas and streets to peruse! From the entertainment district, fashion district, or any major street in Toronto, there are so many things to bask in and disconnect yourself from the craziness that may be your life, work, exams - or any combination of the above! Both cities websites offer information on trails and interesting tourism routes, take advantage of them this summer. They are a healthy and cost-effective way to enjoy the environment!

Put your cell phone on silent or laptop down for 10 minutes, put on your walking (or dare I say it? Running shoes!), take some good music and breathe in the fresh air of spring!