Your Guide to Local Green Organizations (Part 1)

Photo by joeszilvagyi |

Photo by joeszilvagyi |

Are you looking to get involved with some eco-organizations in the future? Check out some of the local organizations that are committed to a greener future in Hamilton and abroad!


Want to get involved with environmental initiatives at MAC? Start here! MACgreen is operated under the McMaster Students Union and acts as a service for anything environmental. Run by students for students, MACgreen hosts many green initiatives every year and has acted as the voice of environmental change on campus.  Whether you’re interested in promoting cycling (check out MACycle too!), reducing waste, or have your own idea, MACgreen is the service for you.

Office of Sustainability

The Sustainability Office is a department of McMaster University working directly with administration to ensure that the operation of the University is done in a sustainable manner. Unlike the grassroots, student focus of MACgreen, the Office of Sustainability is a resource for both staff and students and is funded by McMaster University itself.

Environment Hamilton

Environment Hamilton is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 to “help Hamiltonians to develop the knowledge and skills they need to protect and enhance the environment around them”. It began from a small group of citizens who were concerned about the proper clean up of Hamilton’s old Rennie Street landfill.  Environment Hamilton offers workshops, volunteer opportunities, and engages in several projects to educate, empower, and advocate for community members.

Green Venture

While Environment Hamilton handles more of the advocacy side of things, Green Venture handles the technical. If you’re looking to get information on retrofitting your home, installing solar panels, conserving water or handling waste, Green Venture is your best bet. Green Venture’s EcoHouse is the perfect example of what an eco-friendly home looks like. Tours of the EcoHouse are held several days a week to you how you can make changes around the home. Green Venture also offers energy audits done by licensed professionals and runs a community garden program. 

And of course, the list wouldn't be complete without a plug for ourselves. Check out the bottom of the about us page to see how you can contribute to our site. 

Check back later for some more cool groups that you can become a part of!