Political greens.

Photo by svale | flickr.com

Twenty-five years ago this morning, radioactive particles were detected at the nuclear facility in Sweden. This was a historical point on the eco-calendar because it was the very first warning that the outside world had been tainted by a nuclear disaster that happened two days prior at the Chernobyl reactor over 1000km away. 

Where does this horrible anniversary stand amongst the candidates that are lined up for the upcoming election?

Unfortunately, the only party that seems to have even remotely mentioned it in their platform is the Green Party.  They report that Canada has still not learned the lesson from Chernobyl and Fukushima:  nuclear power is a catastrophic technology. 

In fact, Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party says that “nuclear is not an economically sound power source. It is not a clean or green power source.  Most importantly, it is not a safe power source.”  She explains that although radioactive particles from a Japanese reactor over 7000km away were detected on our shores, no other political party feels the need to address this issue. 

I believe I agree with her: it doesn’t really make me feel comfortable that no one else has even brought this issue to the table.  Where is Canada planning to turn when it comes to new, innovative energy sources? How are we planning to fund these projects? Why haven’t we pushed our federal government for an inquiry into nuclear energy in Canada?  These are three important questions that must be considered.....after all, we all know that without poltical support, our ideas will remain on paper.  

I know that we have had several interesting posts on green energy, so this is by no means an extension.  I simply want to tie in the disastrous Chernobyl anniversary to the upcoming election.

Let me start by offering a point: Political gain brings environment pain.   The environment plays a key role in human health and economy.  If we address the problems in the eco-world, we can easily reduce all other problems that are faced by our nation. Why don’t we do that? Well, simply put: environment gain brings political pain.

I have been watching debate after debate and rarely have I seen pressing, up-to-date issues being brought up. Yes, the environment appears to be of concern, but it is not considered in a framework that can easily be tackled. 

Why do socially-uneducated people go into politics?  The more I learn, the more I think that it’s just a joke.  The right issues don’t get show-time. Promises are made and broken, and despite all the years that any government has been in power all we have seen is rising CO2 levels and tomatoes dripping in ethylene gas. 

Seriously, it’s quite easy. We work as a team to put together a list of important issues and then we tackle them from the root.  We need smarter humanitarians to get into the political world.  After all, with the people we have now, the day that politics opens its mind to actually helping its constituents will be the day that a flower blooms in the heart of Adolf Hitler.