The Challenge Part 2: Go Vegan on Date Night!

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As a continuation of my previous challenge to all the Starfish readers out there to prescribe to an environmentally friendly plant based diet one day a week, I’m once again challenging all of you to green your weekly date night!

As you all know, veganism has been revealed to be the most environmentally friendly diet available. Beyond being less carbon intensive than the traditional North American animal product intensive diet, a vegan diet is also conducive to protecting the health of our water supply. As reported by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the industrial livestock sector accounts for 8 percent of global human water use, and is also the largest source of water pollutants, leeching antibiotics, animal feces, and unsavoury chemicals into waterways. These pollutants have been linked with the creation of ‘dead zones’ in coastal regions and the destruction of coastal reef systems. Nasty!

Moreover, a plant based diet is exponentially less land intensive than the traditional North American diet. A descriptive example is how one individual flank steak, requires the same amount of grain (in feeding the cow), as it would to create 5 loaves of bread. Finally, the land related humanitarian implications of a plant based diet cannot be ignored, as a University of Colorado study estimates that if each American reduced their consumption of meat by just about one less dish of meat per week, enough grain would be saved to feed 225 million people. That’s sexy.

So! The next time you’re getting ready to put on the moves and romance your significant other, do two things. Consider the earth, and consider your wallet. The date night recipe included below is not only incredibly affordable, but insanely delicious, and sure to charm the pants off of any veggie or meat eater!

Avocado Sundried Tomato Alfredo:

Sauce Ingredients:

1 ripe avocado

3 cloves of garlic

The juice of 1 lemon

2 tbsp olive oil

6 sundried tomatoes

A dash of salt

A dash of pepper

A pinch of dry or fresh basil

Other Ingredients:

2 cups uncooked whole wheat/rice pasta


Combine all sauce ingredients in a food processor or blender, blend until smooth. Once pasta has been boiled and drained, mix sauce in until well coated and top with lemon rind shavings and fresh ground pepper and serve. 

Serves 2.