Protecting Future Generations: GM Toxins Found in Umbilical Cords

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If the situation with genetically modified foods wasn’t bad enough, with GM crops invading virtually all processed foods currently available, endangering organic agricultural projects and more widely biodiversity in general, new discoveries by a panel of independent Canadian research physicians have yielded frightening results concerning fetal exposure to GM toxins. What do I mean exactly? The study, conducted out of the University of Sherbrooke, found that 93% of blood samples from surveyed pregnant women and 80% from umbilical cords tested positive for traces of the Monsanto produced GM bacterial toxin,Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt).

Monsanto asserts that Bt is “harmless”, as long as the toxin breaks down and doesn’t enter the human digestive system, which, unfortunately, has been proven to be exactly the case. Through regular consumption of GM soy, canola, and corn, as well as the regular consumption of animal meat products that were fed a diet of GM grains, Bt is building up in our blood streams, stomachs, and, as has been recently discovered, the umbilical cords of our unborn children.

The effects of high levels of Bt in the human body remain inconclusive, which, according to the precautionary principle, should give reason for us to aggressively prohibit the human consumption of this toxin until the results are absolutely conclusive. Monsanto’s assertion that Bt is harmless is found in faulty half-truths and weak evidence, relying on studies on the naturally occurring form of Bt found in decaying soil, not on the chemically produced variety dispersed by Monsanto. Personally, that isn’t good enough for me.

This study highlights how our continual disregard for the sanctity of our food system has not only threatened the essential balance of our environment and public health, but has also caused future generations of children to be robbed of a clean slate of toxin free health. Please, take action, email your local MP and demand a moratorium on foods produced with GM foods until we know they’re 100 percent safe, along with mandatory GM labelling! Eat free and eat well starfish readers!