5 Ways to Green Your Work-out Routine

Photo by lululemonathletica | flickr.com

Here at The Starfish, we’ve discussed how you can green your transportation, your diet, your home, and just about everything else you can imagine. However, while the relationship between your health and the environment has been discussed through a lengthy discussion of the environmental impact of particular food choices, the other element of personal health, physical activity, has not been analyzed in detail! Evolutions in how we, as North Americans, move our bodies to stay lean and jacked, have had enormous environmental impacts, as seen with the growing popularity of 24 hour energy intensive gyms and petroleum based clothing and workout accessories.  So, I thought it would be beneficial to offer 5 suggestions on how to green your workout routine!

  1. Get Your Butt Outside. I don’t care if you walk, run, bike, or skip down the street. Using your natural surroundings instead of an electronically powered treadmill or stationary bike, will not only decrease the amount of electricity used during your regular work out routines, but also will allow you to reconnect with the outdoors!
  2. Don’t Even Think About Using a One Time Use Water Bottle. They’re crap for your health, and the health of our earth. The plastic bottles leech BPA into the water they contain, creating hormonal imbalances and also potentially disrupting neurological patterns. Moreover, as we all know, plastic bottles represent a huge waste management issue, and also require an enormous amount of energy to produce and recycle. Get a reusable eco-friendly bottle!
  3. Dress the Part. Invest in some amazingly comfortable and functional organic eco-friendly work out gear. There are tons of great bamboo, organic cotton or recycled fibre blends available, new balance offers great sweat wicking tee shirts made out of recycled coconut shells!
  4. If You’re a Yogi, Recycle! Green your downward dog! Most mainstream yoga mats are made out of earth unfriendly rubber and petroleum blends, so make sure to look for recycled rubber and non-toxic mats. I personally use a Jade Yoga Mat, which is made of 100 percent sustainably farmed natural rubber!
  5. Recycle your Running Shoes. Take a quick moment to think about all the rubber and plastic in your running shoes, and how many shoes you’ve bought and used in the last 5 years. Yeah... that’s a lot, especially for the runners amongst us. Nike has a re-use a shoe program where you can drop off your used shoes which are then recycled and re used to make basketball courts, tracks, and tennis courts! 

So this spring, get your butt in bikini/beach ready shape in a way that honours and protections both your bod and the environment!