Eco-Volunteering. Do it.

Photo by Brande Jackson |

I'm proud to say that this site is run completely of the generosity of volunteers and people who are dedicated to making a difference in their local and global environments. I'm also happy to have friends and readers who take the time to get informed about various environmental issues in their communities and abroad. However, the best way to show that you care is to volunteer for Mother Nature. And I strongly believe you should.

First off, we know there's so many pollutants, contaminants, and chemicals in our air and in our water. We know we've disrupted migration patterns of fish, and we know species are declining by the minute (many which we didn't even know existed). We, as humanity, made mistakes in our past, many which we didn't forsee. But now is the time to call out our own actions and do our best to reverse the damage we've done.

However, that doesn't fully explain why we need to donate our time to do this. I mean, why not get paid for cleaning up the environment? Many people do earn money while caring for the environment, and I do endorse that. But with current governments and economical climates, we can't rely on it. And with the work that needs to be done to replenish our ecosystems - we need to let go of the idea that every action we have should come with a cheque attached to it.

Additionally, I think it is important to remember that volunteering doesn't have to take up all of your time. There are many various ways to volunteer, some requiring more than others. You can volunteer to man a booth for an hour or two, educating the public about eco-initiatives. Or you can run small programs, educating kids and having a great time while doing so. Commercials, flash mobs, and even online posting can also be a great way to make a difference.

Overall, eco-volunteering is so important in order to get other educated about the environment, and to show others that there really is a large body of people willing to make a difference in their community. So don't just sit by the computer, creeping Facebook profiles and waiting for e-mails to come in. Find our local environmental group and sign up to volunteer. Your ecosystem will be happy you did it.