The Challenge 3: A Vegan Summer

Photo By Lauren | peacethroughhealth.caSummer has finally (somewhat) arrived starfish readers! We all know what that means, 3+ months of beach weekends, cold creamy treats and backyard barbeques. While the beach may cause you to turn into a lobster, it doesn't necessarily present a challenge to you following an eco-conscious diet, while the other 2 summer staples, ice cream and BBQs, definitely can. 

The last few months I've been presenting some Eco-Food Challenges to the Starfish community, and I thought in the spirit of this beautiful weather, why not pose a fun, delicious and affordable challenge that will not only benefit our environment, but also our waist lines. 

So, Today's post will address how to remain environmentally conscious when the cravings for the devils of frozen dairy start. As has been discussed before, the environmental and health impacts of consuming dairy are beyond negative. The antibiotics and hormones found in the majority of dairy products are not only polluting our water ways, but are also having precarious impacts on our health, having been linked to digestive, breathing and skin issues. 

Also, lets be honest, Baskin & Robbins isn't good for a beach body, or your wallet after a while. These recipes however, will keep you on the straight and narrow, both physically and fiscally, while keeping with your true eco-warrior mantra ;)

These recipes are are dairy free, egg free, and I highly recommend the use of fair trade and organic products whereever possible, to enhance the environmental friendliness of your summer sweet snack!

Chocolate Banana Soft Serve "Ice Cream"


  • 1 frozen (& pre peeled) banana chopped
  • 1 tbsp raw cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp natural almond/peanut butter


  1. Combine ingredients in food processor
  2. Blend on high for 2 - 4 minutes, or until smooth
  3. Serve & Enjoy! 
  4. Optional: feel free to add fresh berries, nuts, or vegan chocolate chips!


Option 2: Raspberry Maple Sorbet


  • 1 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1 tbsp natural maple syrup
  • 2 tbsp water


  1. Combine ingredients in a food processor
  2. Blend for 2 minutes until smooth
  3. Serve & Enjoy :)

So, this summer go vegan whenever you need a cold sweet treat!

Eat well & Eat Free Starfish Readers!


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