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We wade into the waters of the unknown,

Horizons beckon us further inwards

Today we stand off a fascinating precipice

On the drifting shores of the cosmic ocean.


You are not alone, a planet stands by

As you weave music in solitude

Your identity, your humanity, your limits

One voice in the cosmic fugue.


How shall you shape the universe?

By forcing a harmony of the worlds?

Or will you begin to erode slowly,

The meek lines between Heaven & Hell?


Will you bring war to the planet of Gaia

Hanging capriciously on a sun beam?

Or will you bring upon ruthlessly,

Wandering blues for a red planet?


Journeys of the endless bring you home,

In ways we cannot yet understand

Like the human urge of exploration

Kindled in the flames of a traveller’s tales.


Sprawled across the indigo hues

Of an undisturbed sky of wonder

Lies a vision of utmost grandeur

Held up by the backbone of night.


Visions of awe & splendour,

That quenches our thirst only slightly

Whilst slowly whetting our appetite

To embark on travels of space & time.


We live to witness the lives of stars,

Slowly burning away their mist

Creating in their stellar bellies

The star-stuff of you & me.


We are still waiting on those horizons,

Of a musky orange awakening dawn

Yet the feeling is exhilarating

When we witness the edge of forever.


We transit the waves of awe,

Through our persistence of memory

And slowly awaken our minds

To an Encyclopedia Galactica.


Yet look back once in a while

To your pale blue dot

With its soft blue and green

Wondering who speaks for Earth.


- A tribute to Dr. Carl Sagan.