A Slice of Green Heaven.

Photo by myklR | flickr.com

In recent years, I’ve found myself more and more drawn to the great outdoors and its magnificent beauty. It wasn’t until last week, when I spent nearly 24 hours in a car driving to the East Coast, that I realized how breathtaking the natural world really is.

As my family and I passed from province to province - Quebec to New Bruinswick, to Nova Scotia, to Cape Breton Island (according to my extended family, the island MUST be considered a separate entity) I was utterly amazed at the greenery, the mountains, and the vast stretched of trees that engulfed the TransCanada highway.

This begs me to ask, when is the last time you stepped away from your televisions or computers, turned off your cell phone and submerged yourself in the beauty of nature? We so often get caught up in our daily grind that we neglect the beauty in our own backyards. For me it took traveling 2,000 km by car and taking in the scenery that surrounded me to come to this realization.

This is why I want to urge all of you to take some time away from your daily stresses and explore the beautiful trails and forests we are blessed with here in Hamilton. Whether it’s a hike through Cootes, exploring Webster Falls, biking along the rail trail, or taking a stroll along Pier 4, there are endless possibilities to explore.

Even if you’re feel you are busy or not an “outdoors person”, sometimes a slice of green heaven is exactly what you needed to feel refreshed, energized and ready to conquer the world.