Swim Drink Fish Music.

Photo by laRuth | flickr.com

I’ve often sat here and contemplated how to get into your heads and raise awareness about the wealth of environmental problems faced by the Great Lakes. I have sifted through just some of the many issues the Great Lakes suffer, and tried to pinpoint those of greater importance, or ones I care about the most. But instead of bombarding you with random depressing facts about the lack of cleanliness, dying fish, or the mercury levels in each lake, I’ve decided to point you in a more positive direction; a direction where you can do something to make a difference instead of just reading about it and nodding your head in concern.

I invite you to use art as an outlet for helping the Great Lakes, through Swim Drink Fish Music. This is a music club run under the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper organization (other Waterkeeper groups are found in Canada and the US), dedicated to protecting and maintaining your community’s water source.

Through this program, you can subscribe for a small annual fee and receive exclusive downloadable tracks from musicians who donate their tunes in an effort to support the cause.

If you love new music, fishing, swimming, clean water, or the Great Lakes in general, check out the program here. Audio-based artists can look into the Lake Ontario Waterkeepers submission process online (see if you can get your stuff up there).

And above all, please remember: if any form of art is your thing, whether it’s music, dance, poetry, etc., use it to fight for your cause!