TOP 25 ENVIRONMENTALISTS UNDER 25 - #25. Emilie Novaczek

Photo from Emilie Novaczek.

Emilie Novaczek’s passion and dedication to environmental change is what sets her apart.  Not only does she apply this passion in an academic setting, she also participates with organizations to bring about changes toward a worthy cause.

Novaczek is actively involved with the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition (CYCC), traveling to UN negotiations to represent Canadian youth.  While facilitating workshops for young children as a gesture of community outreach and education, she has immersed herself in important environmental issues which have helped raise awareness amongst younger generations.  Being part of the Media Relations team, Novaczek is very familiar with putting out daily newsletters and podcasts in order to promote coverage.  She has also traveled to Cancun, Mexico to participate in the UN negotiation process.

Emilie will be a student in the first class of graduates from the King’s College Sustainability program. This academic experience has helped her apply environmental sciences and tie the issues into social and political realms.  She says that “it’s been an exercise in expanding how I look at a situation and how I think I can apply myself to make the most productive change”. 

In addition, she has also been involved with Action!King’s, where she organized “No Impact Week”, a pledge that students can take to live free of environmental impact-free for one week. Raising awareness and organizing student action plans is very critical in the process of making a difference in the way that we approach sustainability! The success of the campaign has allowed the team to run it again this year.

Spending a semester studying climatology and marine biology at the University of West Indies has inspired her desire to work on an honours thesis in the San Andres Archipelago studying sustainable resource management.  We wish you the best of luck! 

Photo from Emilie Novaczek.