Photo from Caitlin Hill.

Caitlin Hill has been passionately involved with environmental initiatives since she witnessed a plan for a housing development project on a former marshland, and was inspired to make a difference. 

She has continued to immerse herself in various assignments, including conducting information sessions with Pinetree Secondary School’s environmentalist club, helping to raise $1,500 toward land conservation issues, writing articles and guest blog posts for The Nature Trust of British Columbia, and working with a landscape architect to help restore the pond in the Boundary Bay Area. 

She has a very strong enthusiasm for working with youth to fight for a good cause because she sees how vital it is for future generations to recognize the importance of the environment. 

This Simon Fraser University student is considered a solid part of leadership and her courage and boldness is much admired.  She has a passion for sharing her knowledge by connecting and networking to make a difference in the realm of environmentalism.    

Hill hopes her Communications and Publishing degree will help her work as a director of an environmental not-for-profit group or guide her through environmental journalism.  Within the near future, she plans to complete a Masters of Environmental Planning at Royal Roads University, paving her path to environmental advocacy and conservation.