Roses are…Green?: Tips for a Sustainable Valentine’s Day.

Photo by Vicki's Nature |

We’ve heard about ways to achieve a sustainable holiday season, but Valentine’s Day as well?  Turns out, many Valentine’s Day traditions can be quite detrimental to the environment.  Don’t panic, though!  There are still many eco-friendly ways to show that special someone just how much you care about them – and the environment!  Here is a collection of my favourite gifts, modified with our planet in mind.


  • Flowers, arguably the most popular Valentine’s Day present, are often shipped from overseas and grown using dangerous pesticides.  Rather, purchase your flowers from a local farmer’s market or other organic source.  Remember that flowers don’t last forever; perhaps opt for a reusable gift that keeps on giving.  Or better yet, give your sweetheart flowers that they can grow in their own garden.
  • Chocolate is sweet, but fair trade chocolate is sweeter!  There are many DIY organic chocolate kits out there, too – perfect Valentine’s Day date, anyone?
  • Photos of the two of you are too adorable to just sit in picture frames!  Buy a reusable coffee mug with a transparent cover and put fill it with photos of your best memories!  When they buy coffee or tea will, they will not only be reminded that they are avoiding the use of disposable cups, but be reminded of good times with you as well!
  • Choose your romantic beverages responsibly!  Buy wine straight from a vineyard, or sip on organic Champagne.
  • Make a deal with your significant other to only exchange gifts that are completely made from recycled materials.  Whether you find it in a store, or design it yourself (think back to kindergarten…), the thought will surely melt their heart.
  • Plan to cook a romantic dinner made from locally grown and produced foods.


But best of all, move your Valentine’s Day date to the outdoors.  There’s nothing more romantic than a stroll in a forest or along the beach (yes, even in February!).  Who knows, it may even be the start of a much improved relationship, with the environment, that is!

There are plenty of websites offering eco-friendly tips for Valentine’s Day (and other special events as well!).  Many of these ideas came from - go see for yourself!