Meet your Top 25 Executive Committee!

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Today, we launch our second annual Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 nomination period! With such, we'd like to introduce you to the people behind the scenes. These people are helping The Starfish showcase 25 youth that are truly making a difference across Canada.



Angela is an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University, aspiring to major in Communications and Public Relations. Inspired by the story of the little boy and the starfish, she has always been highly involved in her school and community, in order to try and make a difference wherever she can, as small as it may be. She is excited to work with The Starfish in making our world environmentally healthy and sustainable. Follow Angela on Twitter at @angelaytc.



Kyle is a graduate student at Simon Fraser University's School of Resource and Environmental Management (Burnaby, BC). In the future, he plans to travel abroad to learn more about these pressing issues that cannot be justified by sitting in a lecture hall. As a budding ecologist, he loves to learn about the issues surrounding conservation and biodiversity, and is excited to translate his knowledge into actions for The Starfish community! Follow him on Twitter at @kbempringham.



Sujane Kandasamy is a Honours Biology graduate from McMaster University, currently finishing her second degree in anthropology. Over the years, her childhood passion for science has bloomed into a sturdy framework for critical thinking skills. She has always been a wonder kid, which is why she would like to be a life-long learner and educator. In the near future, she would like to explore the world on a deeper level. She strongly believes that with every positive step (no matter how small), we can build a clean, healthy future. 



Robyn is a Master of Environmental Science student at Queen's University studying the impacts of climate change on caribou population and migration in southwest Yukon, Canada. Prior to entering graduate school Robyn earned a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Biology at Queen's as a subject of specialization. Her love for the environment began at a young age, growing up on a lake with a veterinarian father who took her on outings to nearby farms. Robyn loves travelling and adventure and has recently become obsessed with rock climbing. You can check out her website here or follow her on twitter @robynlaing.



Alexandria Mitchell has spent much of her time in the field of communications, media, and advocacy. Her leadership extends to a community level having served three years as a board member with Big Brothers Big Sisters Fraser Valley, and also as a member of the Environmental Advisory Committee of the City of Abbotsford. After being a delegate at the COP 15 United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen, she was inspired to look specifically at energy issues in Canada and around the world. She currently holds positions on the Fraser Basin Council’s Air Quality/Climate Change Task Force, and the BC Rural Network Board of Directors. Follow her on Twitter @AlexandriaMitch.



Alex is an Honours Commerce student at McMaster University. A number of wild outdoors experiences at a young age has inspired him to continuously learn more about our environment. Alex hopes that he can contribute his marketing expertise to The Starfish, while continuously learning more about the environment. His goal is to raise overall awareness of this website so that the wonderful articles composed by our awesome writers can positively influence more people.  



Since 2008, Wraith has been the Program Manager of Durham Sustain Ability, where she develops and implements effective marketing and communication strategies for various environmental initiatives. In 2011, Wraith was awarded the prestigious Irene Kock Education and Communication Award, presented by the Durham Environmental Advisory Committee for the We Have the Power sustainability program. As the program manager, Wraith developed, implemented, and successfully executed the program solely under her expertise and leadership. Overall, 53,900 community members were engaged in and collectively reduced their environmental footprint by an estimated 2702.83 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Follow her on Twitter @rach_wraith.



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