Top Four Pawsome Tips.

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Being environmentally-conscious has a lot more to do with an attitude than a few minor changes. It has a lot to do with an understanding about the interconnectedness of the earth and how we each play a role.  In fact, it should be about our daily activities, about everything we do---and if you have a dog, your pup should be welcomed to the green life as well.

But how do we do this without putting a major dent into our life savings?

In light of our “Top 25” program, I have gone through some online resources to come up with our “Top FOUR Pawsome tips for dog-lovers”.   


4. Feeling leashy?

Made from recycled plastic bottles, Dublin Dog Eco leashes are made for quality, comfort, and style. Each uniquely designed product is printed using water-based ink (chemical free) and contains a detachable money or key holder for your own convenience. Check it out for yourself at, where they aim to leave “a smaller carbon paw print”.


3. Floor me a treat!

Sometimes in can be very difficult to decide on what kind of flooring is best for your home when you have a little pup running around. This can made even more difficult with the mixed messages that we are often subjected to. 

In 2008, the Environmental Working Group discovered that wall-to-wall carpeting was contributing to family pets absorbing industrial chemicals from the carpet and from the synthetic household cleaning products used to keep those carpets looking beautiful.  In addition, some pressed wood flooring can emit levels of formaldehyde that are known to be dangerous for human and animal health.

So what’s the answer? Well, according to experts, the safest, healthiest option is untreated hardwoods from recycled or reclaimed wood, ceramic/glass tiles, marble, or stone slate.  And what about those who love carpet? Well, consider natural, plant-based carpets that have not been pre-treated with stain resistant and/or other chemicals.


2. A dog’s gotta eat too!

For healthy, all natural, organic food options try the following: Earthborn Holistic (delicious, natural, and grain-free), Dogma Online (no chemicals, free shipping), or West Coast Canine Life (organic, whole foods).  Do your research. Your dog deserves it. 

1. Don’t I deserve organic?

Available via, this doggy gift basket is filled to the brim with toys that can help dog-lovers switch to a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. It comes with organic cotton and hemp dog toys (which are naturally durable, healthy, and fun for all dog breeds). Organic cotton is grown using special low-impact methods/materials that do not use genetically engineered seeds. The process itself aims to replenish soils and maintain their fertility. Thus, cotton grown this way does not use toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.    


Taking care of a dog is not easy. It comes with a lot of patience, positive energy, and an understanding that love endures all. Going green with your dog’s lifestyle may seem like an extra layer of hard-work.  But like they say, hard work today makes life easier tomorrow!