GMO Bt Corn Conclusively Linked to Kidney Damage

The case against GMOs took on an enormous momentum in 2011, and things have been rolling on in early 2012. The legitimacy of genetically modified foods has been further damaged by the release of a study out of the Institute of Science in Society under Dr. Eva Sirinathsinghji, which conclusively finds that low levels of consumption of any Bt crops kills human kidney cells. 

39% of globally culivated genetically modified crops are Bt crops, meaning that they have been designed with the biopesticide Bacterius Theuringus inserted into the core genetic composition of the crop. Bt Corn, Canola, Soy and several other dietary staples are consumed regularly (and without notice) in North America. 

This is the first time that Bt crops have been conclusively linked to health damages in humans. Numerous studies have proven a connection between the ingestion of Bt crops and higher rates of cancer, infertility and digestive issues in rats, pigs and other animals. But, this study is the first undeniable example of the deadly impacts of GMOs. 

French Environment and Agricultural ministers are seeking an EU wide ban on Monsanto’s Bt corn variety. The crop is already outlawed in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Greece, and Luxembourg individually. The Canadian government has deemed Bt crop varieties as ‘safe for public consumption’ because the crop shows ‘no significant difference from conventional counterparts with respect to potential effects on human and animal health’. This position has been irrefutably been deemed by numerous scientific studies to be untrue. And yet Canadian policy makers allow Bt products to run rampant through the super markets and stomachs of the Canadian populous. 

Dr. Sirinathsinghji’s findings, along with numerous other animal based tests need to be recognized and considered immediately by Prime Minister Harper and his government, as the latest data shows, delaying action on Bt crops could be deadly. 

Lauren Murphy