VIDEOS. Eco-Documentaries showcase pristine environments pipelines would compromise.

Photo by San Diego Shooter |

Sometimes, reading blog posts and articles just doesn't cut it. We've heard from many readers that they'd like to see more interactive media on our site, so until we've got the power to make videos of our won, we'd like to show you some cool videos we've found on the net pertaining to the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

Firstly, if you don't know about the pipeline, check here for our recent posts. Our writers have found this story quite compelling and we hope that you do, too.

Also, check out these clips below. Some really cool eco-documentaries have been made about this issue, and really showcase the beautiful landscape that this pipeline would surge through. To see more information on these documentaries, click within in the video window.

Tipping Barrels (20mins) -  "... a unique combination of surfing and environmental journalism that follows surfers Arran and Reid Jackson on a trip into the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, where they learn more about the region and the issues confronting it."

Tipping Barrels from Sitka on Vimeo.

SPOIL (45mins) - "A powerful award winning documentary on the Great Bear Rainforest. The film shows the splendor of nature and first nation culture with through world renown photographers and beautiful photography. It highlights the what we all want to protect but our addiction to burn more oil is helping to destroy."

SPOIL from EP Films on Vimeo.

On The Line is supposed to be wonderful as well. This documentary is not fully available online, but check the preview below.  

'On the Line' trailer from Frank Wolf on Vimeo.