#20 and #19 on our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 list are Harnoor Gill and Emilie Novaczek.

Harnoor Gill and Emilie Novaczek are two eco-warriors that secured a spot on our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 list. Keep reading for their wonderful stories.


Photo from Harnoor Gill.

Harnoor Gill is a strong leader who is hardworking and dedicated to community-based goals.  As a youth committee member of the Halton Hills Mayor’s Youth Action Committee, Gill has been an advocate for youth issues. These include environmental issues such as the establishment of a youth environmental committee.  Along with serving as a youth leader for Willow Park Ecology Center and working to remove invasive species on local properties, Gill was awarded with the 2012 Young Conservationist Award from the Credit Valley Conservation Authority.

He believes that caring about the environment and educating others reinforces his pattern of accomplishments. He loves taking the initiative by playing a leadership role within his community. As an example, Gill organized a community Jean Green Drive to collect 1000 jeans to donate to homeless youth. Sowing the seeds for such endeavors has resulted in the growth of a solid environmental commitment within his neighbourhood.  

In addition, Gill has organized fundraising projects for his school and for non-profit organizations. He truly believes thatthe reasons for his fundraising initiatives are four-fold. Firstly, he consistently surpasses expectations. Secondly, he is fueled by the positive outcomes of his actions.  Thirdly, he encourages others to give back to their communities through school and community participation. Finally, he regularly devotes his time to fundraising events for the associations he has been involved with. He is truly an integral part of his community! Congratulations Harnoor Gill for all your achievements, including securing yourself as #20 on our Top 25 Under 25 list for 2012.


Photo from Emilie Novaczek.

Emilie Novaczek has been with the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition since 2010, coordinating media relations and working to educate youth about the climate crisis through the Wings of Change Education Program.

In addition, Novaczek has been involved in the Canadian Youth Delegation (CYD), a group of young volunteers who participate in the United Nations Climate Change Negotiations, representing the voice of youth and pressuring world leaders to take meaningful action on climate change. Novaczek has traveled to Cancun for the COP16 negotiations in 2010 and to Durban for COP17 in 2011. In order to tackle issues such as sustainability and campus food, Novaczek has also been involved with Action!King’s, a University of King’s College group that organizes student action.

At the moment, Novaczek is based in San Andres, Colombia where she is working with CORALINA to complete research on the impact of tourism in the Seaflower Marine Protected Area. According to her nominator, her passion and dedication to environmental change is what ultimately sets her apart. Novaczek is always exploring new ways to engage people in environmental issues. 

Congratulations, Emilie, for being selected as #19 on our Top 25 Under 25 list!