The 2012 Olympics - Going for Green.

Photo by spcbrass |

With the London Games upon us, I am sure most of you (like me) are glued to the television, dreaming of being one of the elite athletes we celebrate whenever the Olympics roll around. However, these Games are different – not only are they fun to watch, but they’re environmentally sound to boot.

A recent news report from UNEP praises the initiatives taken by London and the Olympic Committees to ensure that the entire two weeks are as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, the Olympic Park was built upon a previously contaminated industrial packet of land and over 98% of the waste created by the Games will be recycled. What’s more, London has upped its public transportation routes and has set a target to reach over one million more people than before the Games.

To us sitting at home, this may not seem such a big deal. But to Londoners, and indeed, the Olympics in general, this is a giant leap forward. If we can ensure that our footprint is minimized during such a large gathering of countries, we may have an impact on everyone who visits the Games. We can instill upon millions of people that the environment matters – and people are willing to stand up and cheer for the Green Initiatives. 

Author's Note: After writing this, I came upon another article (through Kyle Empringham) that asks if the Green Olympic movement is enough. Click here to read the article, and feel free to leave your thoughts below in the comments section!