Canadian Youth Climate Coalition's Amara Possian takes #5 on our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 list.

Photo from Amara Possian.

Photo from Amara Possian.

Amara Possian has been a powerhouse when it comes to taking action on the global scale.

As a prominent member of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition (CYCC), she’s organized some sweet campaigns. One of her proudest accomplishments is the “Wings of Change” project. According to Possain, it “aims to empower youth with the information and tools they need to take meaningful environmental action in their own communities, and to help them deliver strong messages directly to their local, national, and international decision-makers.”

She goes on to explain how this program works. “This takes place through a for-youth-by-youth interactive, skills-based workshop that links the hard science of climate change to practical, community-based alternatives and strategies for collective action. Our workshop expands on the scientific understanding of climate change to connect participants with the human impacts of climate change. By strengthening the conceptual connections between societal norms, civic engagement, and the impacts of climate change on communities and livelihoods, we aim to foster the systems-thinking that is crucial to solving the climate crisis.”

Another one of Possian’s major accomplishments was as the coordinator of the Canadian Youth Delegation to COP17 climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa. “Her work was essential to empowering the 20 person youth delegation from all across Canada that attended the conference to represent the voice of Canadian Youth,” said nominator Cameron Fenton, National Director of the CYCC. 

“She developed strategies as well as coordinating logistics for all of the delegation, on top of building strong working relationships with other youth groups from around the globe to facilitate meaningful, global youth collaboration." 

We’re excited to see where Possian’s next adventure takes her!