Shark Truth Founder Claudia Li is #2 on our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 list.

Photo from Claudia Li.

Photo from Claudia Li.

Nick Dulvy, Co-Chair of the Shark Specialist Group and Canada Research Chair in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, explains this finalist best. “Vancouver is now a microcosm of a key global threat to marine biodiversity. Claudia Li and her organization Shark Truth are a rare ray of light.”

Li created Shark Truth based on her own experiences. She grew up with the cultures tied within her family roots, where shark fin soup was a delicacy and must be consumed if offered to you. As Li attended Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, BC) and learned about the nasty effects shark finning has on marine life, she knew she had to change her ways.

With this, she founded Shark Truth “to promote awareness, education and action for sharks by building a community around change and creating long-term champions from within the community.”

She’s done this in a clever fashion – by creating the Happy Hearts Love Sharks wedding contest. This cross-cultural promotion asked engaged couples to pledge to a shark-free wedding. And she’s been largely successful – over 21,000 bowls (as of April 2012) have been diverted. That equals approximately 2,100 sharks!

As a marketing major and having acted as the Communications Officer for ForestEthics, Li is able to create a variety of ways to reach audiences. See the video below for details.

Congrats, Claudia, for your great accomplishments and for securing #2 on our Top 25 list!